Scaling Quantum Computing for a Quantum Future

Northwest Quantum Nexus

The Northwest Quantum Nexus (NQN) is a coalition of research and industrial organizations in the Pacific Northwest and neighboring regions with the goal of advancing Quantum Information Sciences (QIS) research and developing a QIS-trained workforce. A core focus of NQN is scalable quantum computing for clean energy, with principal research directions in applications for quantum computing, quantum algorithms, and materials for QIS.

The high concentration of QIS research in the Pacific Northwest makes it one of the top regions in the United States to address key QIS needs including training, research, development, and commercialization and technology transfer. With increasing public and private investments in QIS, the workforce demand has outpaced the rate at which new staff are trained.

Through regional partnerships, the NQN leverages individual researcher expertise, institutional capabilities, and global engineering capacity that positions the region as the hub for all aspects of quantum technology. Collectively, NQN creates a ‘full stack’ extending across the globe, enabling the region to incubate ideas and translate them into real-world commercial applications.

Additionally, there is an opportunity to increase the visibility of QIS research in the Northwest and accelerate collaboration, thereby attracting additional trainees and employers to the region. The partnership helps to position the Northwest as a regional hub for the creation, sustenance, engagement, retention, and attraction of a talented quantum workforce. The Northwest is a center of geographic and intellectual gravity where a talent pool can flourish and contribute to the quantum economy, through knowledge sharing, skill and experience development, research impacts, and community engagement.

The NQN serves as a nexus for a variety of activities to increase QIS R&D and workforce development in the Northwest. QIS workforce development activities include new curriculum design and training that spans undergraduate to continuing education, eventually giving rise to new degree options and programs. The NQN facilitates the coordination of interns with research opportunities in academia, industry, and government. Additionally, the NQN hosts workshops and conferences to accelerate collaboration between Northwest organizations and explore joint research and education activities.

The NQN is transforming the Pacific Northwest QIS innovation ecosystem


Capitalize on public-private partnering

Collaborative projects, workshops, and communications increase knowledge exchange, accelerate the timeline of discovery to application, and cultivates the future quantum workforce.

Develop a vibrant ecosystem & economy

Support startup incubation and spin-offs of quantum-enabled products and practices.

Pioneer multi-disciplinary research

Accelerate development of system-level platforms for QIS & applications through partnerships across stakeholder groups, including theorists, experimentalists, and engineers.

Build a competitive quantum workforce

Develop workforce programs from early- and higher education to professional levels and partner with the corresponding network of institutions offering curriculum and training opportunities. Recruit, sustain, and engage a diverse talent pool that ensures global competitiveness.